Strategic Goals


Plasma  University is a private non-profit

higher education  institution  which has built a name in Somali’s  education  sector with its remarkable accomplishments, The University is accredited by the Ministry  of Education, Culture  and Higher Education of the Federal of Somalia  as a recognition and acknowledgment of its ability and competence to offer relevant  education  and promote  highest standards  for quality of teaching  and research.

Plasma University was established 15th May 2005 as small institute  of training  Medical Laboratory Technician after years of reliable achievements the Board of Trustees


To be  a leading  world  class university  in East Africa that provides  quality  educati    on relevant to the welfare of the society.


To  prepare  the  next  generation   of  skilled and    ethical    professionals    by    providing

able,  high  quality  education  and training   appropriate   for  the context of  the nation.


The University’s activities and decisions are

guided by the following values: Relevance university on 2 July 2009 and since then it has grown and emerged  strong, highly competitive and well respected leading university with high academic ranking positions.


Integrity Accountability Transparency Excellence Fairness

Concern others Leadership Lifelong Learning Creativeness

The university endeavors to accomplish the following goals:

  1. 1. Provide high quality academic and professional programs at all levels for the current and coming  generations
  1. 2. Encourage research and developmental studies in various areas that addresses  national issues and creates nation with strong intellectual and knowledge base
  1. 3. To produce skilled and knowledgeable personnel, scholars  and leaders of high quality who can contribute to the reconstruction and development of the country
  1. 4. Conducting Community Education Programs by designing appropriate training packages for adults and adolescents whose education was disrupted by conflict,  Aiming at bridging  their education gap
  1. 5. To advocate for and participate in community services  by serving   as a specialized center for training,  research,  and consultancy aiming at improving the living standard  of the Somali Community
  1. 6. Strengthening Internationalization by cooperating with other International partners;

universities to share resources, enhance  productivity and advance  knowledge


The University’s philosophy and  its mission statement are  complementary documents, while the mission  statement focus  on why the university  exists  the philosophy statement addresses how Plasma University seek to fulfill its educational mission.

Plasma  University regards  that every  learner  has unique  character, talent  and interest  and should  have  equal  opportunities to  select  and  learn  their  specific  fields  /related  career, based on their needs, interests  and abilities.

Plasma  University believes  the students  are internally  motivated to work towards  goals  to which  they are committed, when  they are told in advance  what they are expected  to learn and why it is relevant  for them to learn it.

Plasma  University believes that the Student  learns better when they have the opportunity to participate in  providing   input  towards  the  learning  content  and  activities.   Therefore, as much as possible,  should share in making  decisions  about their own learning.


Strategic  planning  is important to an organization because it is the road map which provides  at sense of direction  and outlines  measurable goals. Strategic  planning  is a tool that is useful for guiding day-to-day decisions  and also for evaluating progress  and changing  approaches when moving forward.

Plasma  University’s  2015-2020 Strategic  Plan, is visualizing University’s future  profile  and the  strategic  areas  which  will  be  targeted  in the  next  five  years  with  in  the  context  of  the

Universities’ Vision & mission.PU has identified Six Strategic Key Performance areas which draws attention  to excellence as an ideal:

E excellence in Academics (In Teaching & Learning , Research & Innovation) Excellence in Governance and Leadership Development

Sustain ability of Institutional Resources ( Human & Physical Resources )

Excellence in Marketing & Admission Strategies

Excellence in Community Service & Social Responsibility

Excellence in Internationalization & sustain ability Partners hips

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