Academic Calendar


PU academic calendar consists of two semesters per Academic year. Each semester contains

18 weeks of study and 2 weeks for the Exams that will add up to 20 weeks in total. The first Semester starts in September and ends in January, while the Second Semester of the academic year starts in February and ends in June. Each semester ends with one week reserved for final examinations.

PU has two intakes in every academic year:

–   First Academic intake: August intake (admission starts 15th July- ends 15 August)

–   Second Academic intake:February intake (admission starts 15th January- ends 15th Feb).


There are three types of exams that will add up 100%:

–   The mid exam which is marked 30% at the end of the 9th  week of the semester

–   The final exam is marked 50% at the final week of the semester, and

–   The course works, CATs or Viva are marked 20%


Students are eligible to graduate when they have successfully completed the required courses for their program of study. Details for required courses for graduation are provided in the faculty booklets.


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