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Plasma  University  is  Private  non-profit  leading  higher  education  institution  which  is committed providing the excellent university education that enables learners from all backgrounds to become enterprising citizens & responsible leaders, while also promoting economic  and  social  prosperity for  the communities  we  serve.  PU  comprises  of  5  large academic units named Colleges and one Postgraduate School, PU Recognizes the following academic awards;

1- Master Degree ( 1.5 – 2 years)

2- Bachelor of Science (4-6 Years)

3- Bachelor of Arts ( 3-4 Years)

4- Diploma  in Health Science ( 3 Years)

5- Diploma  in Arts related Programs (2 Years)

6- Associate Degree (2 Years)

7- Professional Certificate   ( 6-12 Months)


As a student admitted to full-time study, it is his/her responsibility to make certain that his/her course load conforms to academic requirements. The standard amount of course load for

undergraduates is 18 credit hours per   semester, except MBBS students whose standard course

load is 24 credits per semester. A student whose score from previous semester is not less than

50% of the semester courses aggregate result will be allowed to proceed to the next semester. Also a student should pass a per-requisite course before pursuing the next one in the series. In his/ her final year a student may be allowed a maximum of 20 credits hours in order to achieve to the total number of credits required by the program.



The total number of credits required for a degree or a diploma varies from program to another program. Students earn credits by successfully completing courses, the total credits, however is based on the following calculations:

  1. 1. One theory hour per week for 18-week Semester = one (1) Credit
  2. 2. Two field practice or laboratory hours per 18-week Semester = one (1) Credits Hour
  3. 3. Three clinical or field practice per week for 18-week Semester = one (1) Credits Hour





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